The past six weeks have passed by all-too quickly for me, but offered many wonderful opportunities to bring the labyrinth to new places, as well as connect with labyrinth newcomers and oldcomers alike.

The big green mat is now back on the east coast, where it will be lovingly cared for and used until the LAA journey begins again, while the “little labyrinth” has settled in well to its temporary home in Portland on the west coast.

While not strictly labyrinths, labyrinthine motifs were present to welcome me as I passed through transportation hubs on both coasts today – from the car rental center at Seatac airport to an impressive awning at Philly’s 30th Street station. LAA may be taking a summer break, but will be back on the road soon. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has hosted, inspired, welcomed, fed, opened opportunities, encouraged, challenged, and enlivened me these past few weeks!

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A well equipped wellness centre was the venue for a little talk and opportunity to offer the labyrinth for folk at the Franke Tobey Jones Residency at Tacoma, WA, yesterday – a perfect setting for a late afternoon walk, and marking the last stopping point for the fifth leg of the LAA tour.

It was my pleasure to chat with interested folks from this lively community, and to have an opportunity to share a little about why labyrinths have come to have so much appeal for me and many others too.


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Generosity, dedication, and community are the bywords guiding the vision for the outstanding sanctuary, performance space, events house, ceremony space, gallery, and more that is Cerimon House,, in Portland, OR.

As a home base for the Liminal Space Society, labyrinths are no strangers here, and so it was that the LAA labyrinth felt right at home during its visit this past Sunday.

Randall Stuart, the brilliantly talented founder of this amazing space, welcomes everyone who visits with warmth and joy, and so it was fitting that sunshine, joyous singing from across the street, and the calm of the impressively proportioned main hall paid host to one big green mat. Thank you Randall, and all who have made the once dilapidated building into such a welcoming, lively venue in the heart of a blossoming community.


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Smiling faces, a perfectly kept lawn (beautifully prepared for our visit), the tranquil surrounds of a stunning cathedral and a labyrinth (or actually, counting the cathedral’s, two)…what more could make for a perfect mix for a joyous Monday afternoon?

This was our privilege yesterday at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral , Portland, OR, diligently hosted by Jan Anderson of the Episcopal Labyrinth Guild. It was a pleasure to meet Kay Kinneavy and Marlise of the Labyrinth Network Northwest (, alongside others who came, several of whom shared that they were coming to the labyrinth for the first time.

The LAA labyrinth seemed perfectly at peace amidst the charming magnolia and blooming flowers of the cathedral’s entrance lawn, spreading its energy and engaging all who came to walk Her.


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Corvallis, OR was the venue for a very beautifully organized occasion for World Labyrinth Day, diligently made possible by the brilliantly talented labyrinth artist Tracy McMerrit.

World Labyrinth Day encourages folks around the world to walk as one at one (1pm) in their local timezone, for which Tracy and members of the Liminal Space Society pull out all the stops year on year.

A massive mown Man-in-the-Maze labyrinth was walked by many, alongside the LAA labyrinth and others, marking out a lush meadow beside the Williamette River.

An earlier appearance of the labyrinth at the Corvallis Farmers’ Market attracted upward of 200 excited walkers, including a large contingent of smaller people, who danced, skipped, piggy-backed and meticulously walked their way around the big green mat. A big thanks to Tracy and Sandra Walden, my exceptional host, for making this happen.

(World Labyrinth Day, to which this post relates, was on 4th May).


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Image may contain: one or more people, tree, grass, plant, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: one or more people, tree, grass, outdoor and nature


What a joy to spend such a peaceful night at the home and retreat center of Donna and Michael (, in the embrace of might Mt. Shasta. We had an opportunity to lay out the labyrinth in this tranquil and special safe haven in Northern California, setting good intention for the many who come here to practice yoga, meditate, be gently held on retreat, and just be.


I’ve been offline for a couple of days, so am posting retrospectively!

Some recent stops for the “Little Labyrinth” included Bear Creek (nr. Williams, CA) and Cottage Grove, OR. More updates to follow shortly!


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Found chalked on the road one day after the “sunbeam” labyrinth appeared right by…

Found on the grass (though hard to see the many circuitous labyrinth lines from the picture) the day the labyrinth arrived on corporate ground…


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Image may contain: grass, tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature


Yesterday the labyrinth arrived for lunchtime walkers at a large multinational somewhere in the Sacramento area (I don’t have permission to disclose exactly where). Very meaningful conversations were held, queries were raised about where other labyrinths can be found, and I began to compose my own metta prayer for corporations –

May all who work here be compassionate
May all be cooperative
May co-creativity and mutual reward draw out the gifts of all
May those who sweep floors, tend gardens, deliver the mail be honored
May this organization be sustained, while bearing its community and environmental responsibility
May there be peace, satisfaction, and enlivening energy in this place.


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