The large sanctuary of the Holy Cross Faith Memoria Episcopal Church, Pawley’s Island, SC, with its magnificant tree resplendent in the altar window, and candle lights marking the perimeter of the labyrinth, provided a dramatic setting for a well-supported walk here last night.

Close to 40 people joined together for the walk, as a press photographer snapped photographs, and co-hosts Laura and Amy helped me hold the space. Many warm words were shared by walkers, especially concerning the calm that seemed to pervade in this precious place, barely a few hundred yards from the busy Highway 17.

Welcoming Pastor Will, Amy and Laura pulled out all the stops to ensure that the event went well, while it was my pleasure to share a brief pen picture of the story that had brought me and the labyrinth to this corner of South Carolina.

Holy Cross are hoping to mark out a labyrinth of their own before too long. With a new meditation group now proving popular, the passion of Amy and pastor Will, and the warm feelings shared by many following their walk, I’m sure that it will not be long before a home labyrinth takes form.