Sadly but necessarily, I’m spending my final couple of days in the US for a month or two, setting my course eastward for the Christmas period to be with my family and others back in the UK.

The past six weeks have been far more powerful than I could realise. Miracles have happened every day; lessons, insights and occasional challenges have featured strongly. Many hundreds have walked, discovered, asked questions about or been touched by the labyrinth in each of the 13 states (+ DC) that it’s visited since this second leg set off from Massachusetts in early November.

I’ve had a strong sense that seeds have been sowed and new connections formed in many of the communities that I’ve visited – not unusually, plans have been afoot for introducing a labyrinth, or one has just been installed where I’ve been. For others and for me, there’s been encouragement to enjoy fresh experiences with the labyrinth, and to have our eyes opened ever more widely to the boundless mysteries that the labyrinth holds.

From remote farmland in western Virginia to a sunny school field in South Carolina, from the windy wide sidewalk of Brooklyn’s Cadnam Plaza to the very center of The National Mall, the large, small, and even smaller labyrinths that I am accompanying on this long journey have made their mark.

My hope is to return to Florida, where this current leg is ending, sometime in February, to start the journey westward. This will most likely be a brief leg, taking in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Of course, I’ll be very grateful for any suggestions that you may have for where the labyrinth may go along that route.

In the meantime, my deep thanks for all the wonderful people who’ve hosted and received me, welcoming and supporting both the labyrinth and I along our way. Thanks to the many who’ve come to walk, including many for the first time. Thanks to the weather for being kind. And thanks to The Great Divine who makes all this possible, and Who alone knows what the great purpose of all our journeys is.

Until February, or whenever I may return…