Twice recently, I’ve pondered this question.

Firstly, various options were available at The Delaware Contemporary, where laying the labyrinth down in an active gallery seemed very appealing. However, one little problem stood in our way: navigating the strong steel columns that support the tall roof of this once large shed built for making train locomotives. A retreat to the perfect fit space of the auditorium was required.

Secondly, columns supporting the crypt roof at the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew in Wilmington threatened to present the same problem. But here, there was no alternative space. And so a little lateral thinking was involved – turn the labyrinth onto the diagonal, and yet again, it found its place with near-perfect comfort.

It never ceases to amaze me how often the “right space” has received the labyrinth – often, with barely an inch at the borders to spare! Almost as though we were meant to be where we are…and, of course, that’s precisely what’s been so.