It struck me as I was driving toward New Orleans that this was the city were I think I had the first flashes of undertaking a journey such as LaA. I’d visited the city just before the TLS Gathering in Houston in late 2016, and had been wondering in an inner city area.

The overgrown grass, bombed out old factories, and mix of barbed wire and glass, juxtaposed with the odd lone surviving store fascinated me. I love to see all aspects of the urban landscape, and wondered whether there might be a cause for me to go routing through other cities.

The full inspiration for LaA came several days later when I was in Houston, and was confirmed for me when I walked the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral shortly after.

I returned close to that initial sight of inspiration yesterday (though not the exact spot). The factory was still there, but the grass looked a little less wild than when I had first visited. Maybe someone had already set about “greening the path”?

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: sky and outdoor