All too soon, I’ve reached the end of the third leg of the LaA journey. The labyrinth is now on its Spring/Summer break, looked after in Lancaster, PA in the capable hands of Carmel. Here, it will doubtless have a few outings, beginning with a “Soul Collage” workshop that Carmel hosted this past weekend.

My plan is to return in September, to continue with the labyrinth on its journey from where we left off , in New Orleans.

This past couple of weeks have exposed me to the most outstanding hospitality, while at the same time, offered several reminders of some of the painful suffering that some individuals and communities are encountering. I have been spiritually uplifted and humbled, while the labyrinth’s work along its path has been steadily more revealed to me.

I have much to reflect upon as I head home for a short while, ever more conscious of the vital work of healing that encounters with the labyrinth (as well as in many other ways) need to play.

Thank you to all who have supported and played their part along this leg, either physically in person, or remotely with your prayers and well wishing. I, and the labyrinth, depend on this.