“Come along nicely” was a term much used by an old teacher of mine when I was at elementary (in England, primary) school many years ago. It occurred to me today when each class at University Elementary School, Rohnert Park, CA, came to walk the visiting Labyrinth Around America how nicely everyone (well, nearly) waited their turn to walk, and then largely followed the “human car pool traffic light” system for stepping onto the labyrinth – no small feat, when I think the whole school needed to take their turn before the lunch bell rang!

It was a joy to be made so welcome here in what is an “off-grid” stop for the labyrinth, and to hear about the wonderful work that’s happening – including one class that’s setting about designing labyrinths!

A show of hands from one class when asked “are you going back to class with a smile on your face [after walking]?”, and “did you feel a little calmer than normal just now?” registered virtually a 100% response, if not fully so. I too walked out of the school with a big smile on my face. Thank you, UES!