As I’ve mentioned, I had a sense that it was appropriate to call a pause to this leg of the labyrinth’s journey far sooner and earlier (en route) than I’d expected. This wasn’t a strong “you must do this” direction, but a clear “this is My suggested way, but it’s up to you” one – as was the invitation to take on the journey in the first place. There are a mix of reasons why a continuation to California didn’t seem right on this leg that I may try to articulate later, and some of these had been forming over several weeks.

However, the matter was for me resolved when I walked a labyrinth at Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico, where I held open the question – “where to end this leg?”

On walking around the outer ring of this beautiful labyrinth, I was drawn by two stones at either side of the path that seemed to call me to stop, bend down, and just hold onto them for a moment. With this, came a sense of “pausing”. I continued my journey to the centre of the labyrinth – a little disturbed to see a gathering of dollar note offerings there, but appreciating too that this is one way people feel for making a small sacrifice or offering a gesture of appreciation – then walked without much preoccupying my mind back along the path on which I had come.

Again, without paying deliberate attention or noticeably looking toward the ground, the same two stones beckoned me to pause. And just beyond, I saw another stone on the outer rim of the labyrinth, with thick black marks in the shape of an arrowhead on its face, pointing back toward southern New Mexico, the route for the next leg of the journey which had become clear for me. Tractor marks at the entrance to the labyrinth indicated the same doubling-back when I exited the labyrinth, and the apparent invisibility and then clarity of the smaller labyrinth in photos that I took shortly afterward (see earlier post) also confirmed this routing.

I had a sense that it was right to stop twice with the smaller labyrinth just beyond Abiquiu (just south of Ghost Ranch, New Mexico) – once with the labyrinth marking the direction north and west, and then doubling back a mile or so, as seemed to be prompted by the positioning of the stones that drew me in the labyrinth, to point south and east. So ended this leg of the labyrinth’s long journey.

(AFTERWORD: While this leg ended earlier than I had expected, I do expect that the labyrinth may continue to make “offgrid” stops before resuming the circular course of its “containing” journey).


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