This fourth leg of Labyrinth Around America is nearing its end. At least one “off-grid” labyrinth visit awaits before I head back toward Europe, and I’m thrilled that the labyrinth will now be joining me at the The Labyrinth Society Gathering in Illinois this coming weekend*.

I’m very touched and grateful to those very dear ones of you who, tuning in energetically to the backstory of the latest leg (often a difficult and challenging journey, as well as spiritually very tiring), have sent me private messages and often words of real insight, encouragement and wisdom. These have always arrived at the time they are most needed, and I’m lifted to know that you are with me. Thank you too to my wonderful hosts along the route of this journey, and for those who’ve extended love, hospitality, and helpful suggestions to ease my passage. I feel very blessed. Most of all, Mother Gaia and The Great Divine have played an exceptionally big role in offering guidance, reassurance and protection…as, of course, they always do!

I had thought that I would try to share a little of what has felt challenging for me, but after time for private reflection and inner processing (at last – I’ve been with others and sharing a bedroom for the past few weeks), I can barely articulate this for myself, let alone for others, and perhaps only I need to know the details! A brief, constantly changing “note to self” (see picture) is all that I’ve so far managed.

Anyone who’s been on pilgrimage or set course on a spiritual journey will understand and likely have experienced the same times of challenge and self-doubt, which often feels like a depression. Of course, those of us who take this route know that difficult times will and must come. They change us and inform us, at times humble us, but always bring us closer to our true selves.

Welcome them, I say (if only as my energy is recovering), for they teach us much, and carve out a little more of the ego narratives that all too often hold us in their power.

“A Prayer for America”, a new initiative that has been ever more forming for me over the past few weeks, will launch fairly soon. This will be something that everyone can take part in, irrespective of whether you have any religious faith or where you are based. It’s going to be fun, it’s not going to cost any dollars, and it’s going to make a difference. Watch this space!

* This was looking uncertain until two stalwart kindly souls stepped in to help with the labyrinth’s transportation back to Pennsylvania, where it will be making occasional outings throughout the winter.