I know that I might be called a fantasist to point such things out, that light glare on a camera lens or some other readily explained phenomenon is surely at work here – but close examination of a photo published on the front cover of this week’s “The Community Voice” newspaper in Sonoma County* reveals a light “portal” a little beyond the way out of the Labyrinth Around America labyrinth. Look again, and what appears as a halo hovers over the head of the young boy who diligently walks around the outer ring, to the right of the picture. On closer inspection still, there appears what stands out for me like a face, benevolently peering down on the leaving walkers, suspended between the two shafts of light of the “portal” (this may not be obvious from the image uploaded here, but I’m not making it up).

“Oh my God, Clive, now you really have disappeared away with the faeries!” “Go easy on the whisky! Stop seeing things before we need to have you taken away!” I hear you say. Well, I’ve probably been set upon that road for a good year or two now. Yes, it’s light glare, I know…but still not insignificant for being picked up by the camera. Could it be that the “portal” offers a gentle nurturing for the children departing the labyrinth and returning to their morning class? Might real angels have been watching over us that day, being as thrilled and enthralled as I and others were to witness the beautiful experiences that played out on the labyrinth? Might there be here pictured another host or holder of the labyrinth, one that always looks on, and who alone knows the secrets of the hearts of all those who come to walk her sacred path? I’m going to think so, whatever others may think!

*Thanks to Robert Grant for a great photo, to Mary-Rita Mc Elroy Williamson for making the contacts for me and sending the article on, and to editor Irene Hilsendager for taking time out of her busy deadline day to meet me, and for her thoughtful and delightfully written article.

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