Calling in the spirits of the directions is an ancient, widespread and honourable practice. I have experienced and asked for this many times, if my attributions for the spirits of the North, South, Father Sky, and so on may differ from the traditional calls of many native peoples. No matter, the spirits of the land, sky, and from all around always respond, and always remind me of their power and gifts.

So it was that when I visited a place called “Four Corners” a few days ago – a point that marks the boundary of four US states (Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico) – I felt it was appropriate to offer this supplication.

I had stopped some way from the actual marker that names the border, which you can pay to see or stand by, by a roadside cairn set upon a small hill.

Here, I could call not just to the cardinal points of the compass, but looking toward the four states in turn – Utah to the north-west, Colorado to the north-east, and so on. So, four points became eight, and my prayer to each state was not a calling in but a giving out – wishing blessing on each place.

I had originally intended to use the smaller labyrinth here to offer the metta prayer in each state, turning the labyrinth in turn to face toward the landmass of each, but I had an earlier sense that this was not meant to be. Rather, prayer “beyond borders” was my call, and I needed nothing more than an open body and a willing spirit to do this. Perhaps, at least on American soil, this was my first little ritual or supplication as part of A Prayer for America ( – still at a very early stage of development). If so, it seemed a very appropriate place to begin.

#APrayerforAmerica #FourCorners


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While the “container” journey for Labyrinth Around America has paused for this leg, I did feel inspired to offer the metta prayer footprint in this part of Death Valley, around 6 miles north west of Furnace Creek, CA.


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Some recent stops for the smaller labyrinth, before the end of this leg of its journey, that I’ve not yet recorded: east of Springer, NM; Cimarron, NM; Great Planes / Rockies boundary, south west of Cimarron, NM.

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I can scare offer a meaningful report on what has been one of the labyrinth’s busiest and most joyous stops, in Santa Fe, NM, earlier this week – so perhaps just a couple of pictures may help tell some of the story. Big thanks and hugs to @Chris and Lisa for making it all happen!


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I was delighted to meet the very inspiring Joe at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market this week, whose joy for life and practice is remarkable. Joe mentioned to me that the labyrinth is well known in yogic practice (I knew that it is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita), and the generous space of the big green mat of Labyrinth Around America offers the perfect space for yoga. Thank you Joe – it was a joy to meet you!

More from the remarkable walk that we enjoyed in Santa Fe to come…


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What a great song this is! “Lonesome Labyrinth”, by my wonderful host in the Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe, Chris Harrell, sung to the tune of the traditional “You Got to Walk that Lonesome Valley.” Enjoy!


Wholeness is a core intention in the metta prayer that I offer, and rarely am I reminded of this more powerfully than when I, and the labyrinth, are in a natural space. So it was yesterday while passing through the Wichita Mountains National Park, where a focus on this desire was particularly strong.

Author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings puts this beautifully:

“They were all too tightly bound together; men and women, creatures wild and tame, flowers, fruits, and leaves, to ask that any one may be spared. As long as the whole continued, the earth would go about its business.”

Our ancestors seemed to understand this perfectly. For many of us today, we must remember.


A catch up with recent stops for the smaller labyrinth: McPherson Ave, Fort Worth, TX; Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX (sadly no time to visit); Clayton, NM; Dalhart, TX; Washing County, OK; Prairie land, Kiowa County, OK; Sunset, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, OK.

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Music, lively chatter, and gatherings of dog walkers were among the attractions at the inspiring Denton Community Market yesterday. Oh yes, and there was a labyrinth which many – including the odd canine too – came to walk!



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